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SEO (search engine optimization) is surrounded by a lot of misleading ideas or simply wrong information which often lead to unsuccessful campaigns. Working with a mediocre company offering services for SEO in Singapore is definitely a huge waste of investment and time. In fact, it can likewise result in an imposed penalty from Google or a ban from major search engines - which can greatly impact the business.

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As the technology continues to advance, Search Engine Optimization can become even more complicated to manage, making it easier for online marketers, brands and websites to fall into pitfalls and common misconceptions. SEO experts must be always up-to-date with the latest developments and updates in search engine algorithms to keep themselves on the right track.

With the constant updates in the algorithm, many online marketers still commit the following mistakes that hurt their search engine ranking.

Avoid 5 mistakes when doing Search Engine Optimization

Mistake #1: Pay to get links

In previous years, it wasn’t a big issue to pay to get links. Paying bloggers or website owners to acquire backlinks was much more widespread in the past; in fact, some people took this practice to the extreme. Private blog networks and link farms were created to help boost the ranking of a certain business in the Google’s SERPs. Many businesses reached the top of Google’s SERPs through this practice combined with other techniques like content spinning and exact-match domains. However, this strategy is no longer effective today.

You are certainly putting your ranking at high risk if you try to generate unnatural, paid-for links. Google exactly knows when online marketers are trying to game the system. So instead of spending time searching for blogs and offering payment, focus more on implementing strategies that can generate organic links to help improve exposure and ranking over time.

Mistake #2: Non-keyword-focused content

Another big mistake to avoid is writing a content that is not focused on one topic or keyword. When an article tries to tackle too many diverse topics, the chances for relevancy disappears. Google’s ultimate goal is to help people find the best and most-trusted answers to their queries or provide relevant information on its SERPs. So, if you want to make a good impression on Google, be sure that all contents stay on-topic and are relevant towards whatever keyword you are trying to target. An expert in SEO that provides SEO services is fully aware of this.

Mistake #3: Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a major mistake. In fact, it is a big sin in SEO. While Google loves content with a clear keyword that it’s targeting, over-usage of a keyword in your content can raise red flags. As a result, it will make your content look spammy. Writing a keyword focused and highly targeted content with a minimum keyword density can be a little difficult in the beginning, but you’ll definitely get used to it over time.

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Mistake #4: Duplicate content

Duplicating content is one big SEO mistake that many people are guilty of. If you check any first-page results on Google, you will notice that the contents found are detailed and in-depth. Remember, thin content does not rank very well on SERPs. Take the time to research and write original content, and never leave out any important elements to help validate your points.

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Mistake #5: Non-responsive website

A huge number of people are now searching via mobile devices, so Google offers more credence to responsive websites. Transforming typical websites into mobile-friendly sites is a good technique in SEO Singapore to help improve ranking. A search engine optimization expert should be aware of the importance of non-desktop browsing experience to successfully land on the first page of Google and other search engines.