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EDM Design

Electronic Direct Mail, or EDM, is an email marketing tool that revolves around building an email database of customers and prospects. It involves directly sending timely, relevant promotions via email that keep your company in front of your audience until they are ready to engage your service. 

As a digital marketing strategy, EDMs utilise various forms of communication to deliver a campaign. These communication channels can involve remarketing advertising, PPC and social media campaigns, with the goal of building consumer loyalty and generating conversions.


Stronger Client Relationships

Sending emails to your clients is a great way to improve consumer relationships because your message is being delivered effectively. What’s more, you can add personal touches to your EDMs, making your customers pay attention to your message more and to follow through with the action you want them to take. Add to that, EDMs are also an opportunity to understand your customers, provided that you are consistent with your efforts. When you finally have the ample knowledge of your consumers’ behaviour, direct emails will eventually become one of your most effective tools in maintaining strong client relationships.



How much resources you are allocating in a marketing effort is always an important consideration, whether you are managing a small business or a multinational corporation. Luckily for EDMs, directly reaching a large number of audiences is simpler, efficient, and feasible.
In fact, all you need to do is create an account and pay for the email marketing platform you want to use for your EDMs. From there, you can already begin sending out as many emails as you need with minimal to no added cost.
Unlike other targeted and direct mail campaigns that send out brochures or flyers with design, printing and mailing costs, electronic direct mails promise better results for a much lesser budget.


Useful audience insights

EDMs help you understand consumer behaviour because most email platforms have powerful and built-in analytics that let you view how many people opened your email, how many converted, what device they viewed it on, and even the location where they viewed it. These are useful information that can help you know and calculate your return on investment, on top of knowing how well your campaigns are performing.
With these insights, you can easily determine what kind of content bodes well for your audience, and what content still needs improvement.
Whether or not you were able to execute a successful email marketing campaign, the analytics you get from your EDMs will surely help you execute better email strategies in the future.

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