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Brochure Design

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”
– Richard Grefé

A brochure is used to market and advertise a company. It basically establishes the identity of any business. With the advancement of website technologies, businesses which have been using traditional printed brochures are rapidly changing their medium to E-brochures to keep up with the modern online customer. Almost every business is choosing it as an advertising tool.

E-brochures are designed by marketing and advertising experts. An expert graphic designer is usually hired by companies to design attractive and suggestive brochures according to the business. Some people still prefer the traditional printed brochures but they have become necessary as they help develop modern communication channels. An E-brochure is more like a printed medium on the web.


Real time update

One real challenge in field selling is the lack of real-time product information from the operations side. Field selling personnel present on the site are often disconnected from the business development and operational staff who have the latest information about product updates and refinements.

In such scenarios, digital brochures become handy as they can be updated -real-time, over the Internet thus helping field sales personnel stay informed and sell better. These updates can be rolled out as versions to an existing doc or even as a new web page where the digital brochure is hosted.

Multi screen compatibility

A striking feature about digital brochures is that they can be optimized to be visible on any screen. Be it smartphones, tablets or computers, with responsive designing, a digital brochure can be shown with full animations that fit snugly into the screen dimensions. Given the fact that the majority of the users now rely on smartphones or tablets for communication and collaboration, digital brochures are the way forward for marketing too.

Ready-made tools
and template available

If designing is not your cup of tea, then there are hundreds of ready-made templates available online which can be used to create a digital brochure of your own. There are paid and free digital brochure templates available online in several formats which can be used to design your own unique and presentable digital brochure.

Digital brochures can be hosted online in multiple formats like PDF, word, image, etc. This versatility gives adequate room for online business promotion, especially if your business has multiple products with several sub-categories.

They are engaging

Digital brochures command the attention of the viewers. Unlike flashy banner ads in websites or full-page printouts, they are easy to view and understand. Moreover, the viewing angles and zoom ratios can also be customized by the viewer to suit their comfort levels which makes pitching a product using a digital brochure easier and effective.

Easily customizable

Anything digital is easily customizable. Thanks to image editing programs and web based designing platforms, digital brochures can be easily designed, customized and released instantly without any hassles. Customizations for color, layout, presentation, output format, file size and much more can be configured by the users to suit their marketing requirements.

Further, it is also possible to set access controls and user restrictions to prevent unauthorized personnel from altering or deleting the digital brochure files. This adds to the security and flexibility of using digital brochures.

Use of technology

Digital brochures give the liberty to integrate futuristic technology into flat screens for delivering an upscale user experience. Imagine being able to see the product or design live in front of you through virtual imagery. Digital brochures equipped with Augmented Reality can do that. Digital brochures are also becoming virtual platforms that can engage viewers and turn them into loyal customers.

Perfect for social sharing

Online marketing has thrown open the doors for massive scale advertising. Flipbooks and Digital brochures just fit into the online marketing puzzle like a last missing piece that gives the total product picture to customers.

Also, digital brochures can be shared socially across several channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. without the problem of plagiarism.

Integrate lead magnets

The prime purpose of marketing is to gather leads through call to actions. Digital brochures can be integrated with CTA buttons placed in strategic locations that viewers can click on to submit emails or request quotes for the product.

Furthermore, analytic information like heat map and click rates can also be obtained to see how well these digital brochures are doing and how they can be optimized for maximum conversion. In other words, digital brochures can be a perfect ally to marketing and lead nurturing at reduced costs and increased convenience.

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