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iClick Media's SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation services or SEO, for short, refers to the continuous effort or process of improving the online visibility of a website or a web page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) through the use of a list of specific keywords. When we search something on the search engine like Google, Yahoo! Or Bing, the search engine will sort through the entire Internet and its multitude of websites, to display a result page that is the most relevant for us, particularly pertaining to the keywords or search terms we have entered in their search bar.

We all rely heavily on search engines. Either you are looking for something or don’t understand anything, just type it in the search engine and you will pretty much get the answer. However, statistics showed that over 94% of people would only click on the results on the first page and if they do not find what they are looking for in the first page, they would go back to the search bar and adjust their keywords or search terms. Even on the first page, most users would only click the top three or top five search results. If your website isn’t there, your site is as good as being non-existent. Would you, as a user, keep looking through other pages? You wouldn’t.

This is why engaging SEO services is crucial; it helps to make your website relevant and maintain its relevance. The more relevant your site is to people’s searches, the more likely your website would appear on the search results page and the more likely they will click on your website.

iClick Media is one of the experienced ISO-certified digital companies to provide SEO services. We are among the rare few online marketing companies in Singapore to be a certified partner of both Google and Yahoo!/Bing. We are a result driven company, using systematic approaches to boost your search rankings and increase web traffic and conversion while strictly keeping to White Hat SEO principles. Call us now for a free SEO analysis and quotation!