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Coffee Book Design

Typically, a coffee table book is a high-quality, large book of illustrations and photographs meant for casual reading. As the name suggests, it’s usually placed on a coffee table in a lounge, so visitors can browse through the book to get inspiration or start a pleasant conversation. With evolving technology and everything going digital these days, a quality coffee table book is a symbol of class or a way to disconnect from reality and refresh your creative brain cells. 

The theme of a coffee table book can be anything intriguing enough to be published, from wildlife photography and distinctive portraits to glamorous interior designs and dramatic selfies. It is all about celebrating your favourite form of art through illustrations, sketches, paintings, photographs and etchings. A good coffee table book offers a cluster of pictures which have been collected over a period of time. The pictures are placed together chronologically, grabbing the attention of the reader.

Coffee Tables Books are insightful pieces that give a wide perspective into the industry it is based on. Whether it is design, business or hotels, coffee tables books are available in varied fields and can act as a handbook for those looking for straightjacket answers for a particular field.
Crisp, precise yet inspiring
Coffee table books are storytellers. But their way of storytelling is different. They are precise, crisp and include narratives that are inspiring. If it is business, then the reader will have everything from the business world in a simple, uncomplicated format. If the book is on design, the reader will see different stories being woven into a beautiful yarn of the design world.
Coffee table books are one of the most underrated books of all times. While love for great literature and classics cannot be replaced, the value of fiction cannot be measured adequately in words, it is not incorrect to say that these books are informative and provide information in a simplistic manner. In coffee table books having food and recipe formats, one can find simple yet delicious food recipes without having the pressure of adding something as regal as an avocado!
Makes the world a smaller place
The very concept of coffee table books entails larger-than-life illustrations and people. Readers sometimes get affected with their grand formats, however, the aim and purpose of coffee table books are to make the world a smaller place wherein people who find it difficult or feel it is impossible to do something get inspiration from such books to pursue their ideas.

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