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So you have a website for your business. But how do you know if you have a well-built website design? Creating a website is a combination of several factors, and the combinations differ widely based on the specific needs of the business. Some business might need more photos while others prefer more videos. Given such variations, it can hard to tell whether a site has a much better web design and more effective than another.

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Despite the difference in requirements, there are specific features and elements of impeccably built sites irrespective of industry or business kind. These elements are critical parts of every website, in fact, they are deemed to be absolutely necessary to deliver excellent results that site visitors expect. If your website design in Singapore contains these features, then your designer did a great job.

Element #1: Clear Navigation

A site is useless without a clear navigation. Just imagine how your website visitors navigate from your home page to other pages if it doesn’t have a user-friendly navigation. You can expect that they will exit right away if they didn’t see any clear navigation. Being cryptic will certainly turn off your users. So make sure you use easy-to-understand and logical labels for the different pages of your website, such as contact, FAQ, about us, services, products, etc. You can also consider a call to action like Email for a quote, Place an order or Become a member. The bottom line is to make your goals clear.

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Element #2: A Mobile-Ready Version

Today, smartphones and tablets are generating an increasing amount of web traffic, and the numbers are growing significantly. People are usually browsing using their smartphones with an intent whether to buy something, search for something, or go somewhere. So your website must be readable on any handheld devices. If your site demands users to pinch and zoom in to see what’s written on it, then you should expect they will leave after a few seconds. Responsive website design is critical so that the layout will adapt to the screen on which it is being browsed.

Element #3: Webpage Speed

People tend to lose patience quickly, especially if they are in a hurry. It holds true when visiting a website. The longer a certain site takes to load, the more likely the visitor will leave even before it fully renders. And this is bad for business. Several factors can affect the speed of a website, such as the number of graphics, server speed, and traffic. A Singapore website design company should make certain to reduce all controllable factors that can potentially slow down the site speed. They can either use a reliable site hosting, optimised graphics, and proper website code.

Element #4: Contact Information

No need to stress why contact information is crucial in every website. Have a telephone number, email, fax, address and a contact form easily accessible to your visitors. It will make a huge difference since there’s nothing more depressing than being unable to contact a needed service or product.

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Element #5: Giant Product Images

Have you noticed that several B2B websites are displaying large product images? Showcasing large images of products on the site is a perfect way to highlight different features of the product. Visitors can get a clearer view of the product they are searching, and this might influence their decision to buy it. However, the web design and SEO company in Singapore should make sure that the images are optimised so that they won’t affect the loading speed.