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The importance of responsive web design for your organisation

Living in an era where technology stands high, companies can’t cut corners when it comes to the responsiveness of their websites. A non-responsive design can become a huge drawback for your business, leading to a poor user experience. However, with thousands of gadgets, from mobile to desktop and laptop, you can’t be sure of what device users are utilising to access your website. So, if you are uncertain whether your website is responsive, you may consider hiring a company proficient in web design in Singapore.

The benefits of having a responsive website are manifold, including:

Get more traffic and engagement:

In today’s tech-savvy world, people use smartphones for everything, be it a good bakery or a pet store for your pet’s daily essentials. Mobile browsing gives them the liberty to find everything with just a few taps. Therefore, websites must focus on their responsive design. Mobile-responsive web design takes away the hassle of users having to pinch and scroll all over the place. Consulting with a web design firm in Singapore can help you improve your user experience as well as your website’s Google ranking.

In the SEO report below done for our customer, we manage to drive a 210% increase in organic traffic on a year-to-year comparison analysis. Do you also want the same SEO results for your organisation? Check out our article on SEO’s Core Website Vitals to read more!
seo traffic increased

Reduce time and expenses:

Responsive web design is a smart move for your wallet. Whether you’re building, scaling, or upgrading your website, it’s not necessary to have separate mobile and desktop versions of it. Hence, you can save time and money with a single website that adapts to different screen sizes and devices. Use your laptop, iPad or iPhone (or any other mobile devices) to browse through the Huttons Group website. Let us know your thoughts on this website design and development project done by us. 🙂 
huttons asia web design

Score high on SEO:

Want your website to be on the first page of Google? A user-friendly and speedy website is the way to go. A bad mobile experience is like a “SEO nightmare,” which makes people bounce from your site and leads to less traffic and poor feedback. But with a professional web design company in Singapore, you can ensure fast loading and improve SEO.

Boost your online presence and stay on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google, Yahoo, and Bing with our team of SEO pros.

Give users what they desire:

No matter how much quality content you put on your website, if you are not driving enough traffic to it, it’s not worth it. You must take your time to improve the flexibility and ease of use of your website so your users can easily find what they want. With responsive design, with its tech like fluid grids and high-resolution images, screen readers, and keyboard navigation, you can increase the accessibility of your website and improve user satisfaction.

Get more leads and more perspectives.

The internet has opened a new door for business owners to grow their companies globally. In that regard, you should keep in mind that a slick, professional website appeals to a wider crowd than just your target audience. With the invention of fast technologies, no one wants to wait a few minutes or even a few seconds. With responsive website designs whether you are from Singapore, or any other cities,  you can reduce the loading time, which results in high traffic, better experiences, and higher profits.

For 1 of our aesthetic physician clients in Singapore, we manage to increase their conversions by 177% in just a short 5 months period! In terms of absolute number of leads, we drove from 17 leads in April 2023, to 47 leads in August 2023! Give us a ring at 6362 0123 to find out more!

Astique SEO Conversion

Build your brand’s image:

Building a brand image is not limited to big companies. Businesses of small and medium scale, as well as startups, also need to focus on improving their brand recognition. Building a positive brand image helps set you apart from your competitors and also builds trust. Delivering a hassle-free experience by using responsive design shows off your expertise and improves your brand’s value.

Hope this clears up why responsive web design rocks for your website! In need of some web design pros in Singapore? Well, look no further than iClick Media. We have a team of experts with years of experience in the field. Book a free consultation today!

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