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How does Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm update affect the SME business?

Google has always been updating their search engine results page (SERPs) algorithm to prevent any 1 company from climbing and staying at the top of Google’s page. Last year, Google introduced the Hummingbird Algorithm update. This affects 90% of searches and its main objective is to push down websites whose content are meant for robots instead of humans. In our last blog entry, we highlighted 5 tips to improve your SEO. In today’s post, we would like to share with you more on the various Hummingbird effect and our experience with working with and working around Hummingbird.

So how does Google’s Hummingbird update actually works?

Instead of Google relying on traditional keyword searches to display the results on Google’s listing, Google now uses conversational searches to deliver search results that are more coherent with what the users of Google are looking for. Conversational search has become the main pusher behind SERPs listing in recent years and what this effectively means for SME is that algorithms now focuses more on specific content, linking to/fro specific sources.

In a laymen description, searches in the past for the latest mobile phone may be ‘iphones’ or ‘blackberry’. In today’s context, it is now ‘where to buy the cheapest iphone 5s’ or ‘cheap blackberry for sale in Orchard Road’. With this, the playing field is now leveled. Companies that used to do a lot of backlinks focusing on ‘iphone 5s’ are now dropping down the SERP ranking because of this. Companies must spend time and effort to build backlinks focusing on a variety of keywords. Of course, most SMEs are impatient and want fast results. With this move, Google has effectively removed websites that have no intention of producing quality content. If you don’t have quality content, Google will not show your site to the Google users. In terms of timing, you can do a huge amount of backlinks in a short time but that could backfire as Google will penalize you for unnatural backlink building in a short time.

SMEs vs Hummingbird

This update will affect the way SEO companies do business. SEO companies must now spend a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to do a variety of backlinks and to ensure that the client’s website covers a good amount of long tail keyword in the content. Considerable amount of time and effort must also be spent curating content to ensure that users gets the best content when they surf upon your site. Businesses that ignore the variety of backlinks would see their ranking start to slide.

From an SEO service provider perspective, we would also have to educate the public to share with them our work in much greater transparency. We also have to change the perspective of the clients that ranking=successful campaign.

SEO services are never an easy job. Not in Singapore, not anywhere in the world. To get a detailed analysis of your website, do call us at 6362 0123 to speak to our SEO Consultants. We’ll be glad to meet up with you over coffee to discuss.