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On-page SEO is probably the most important process to improve a website’s ranking position in various search engines and to make online marketing campaign successful. If your website is not optimized for both users and major search engines, your chance to succeed is minimal. On-page SEO refers to all the techniques you can implement on your website to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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With so many significant changes in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) in the past years, it can be a huge challenge for non-SEO professionals to keep track of what’s still relevant and what has now become obsolete.

Important On-Page SEO Elements

These on-page factors are still relevant to both search engines and readers:

Updated Blog With Good Content

A few years ago, blogs were not considered as a way for businesses to publish content, promote their brand, grow their audience and build authority. Today, blogs are an absolute necessity. Publishing daily blog content with valuable insights and custom images can help increase Google organic search traffic.

Title Tags

Title tags have consistently been one of the most critical SEO factors on every site. Each of the page and post should have its own unique title, including the main keywords for that particular page. The title tag is the clickable text that appears in the search results, which makes its optimization important for reason way beyond SEO. A less enticing title tag will never get clicked.

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Meta Descriptions

Optimising Meta descriptions doesn’t directly influence search engine rankings, but they are still an incredibly essential aspect of on-page optimization. These descriptions are important place to include relevant keywords for the content. Google and other search engines use Meta data to describe the website on their result pages. Hence, these words are critically valuable for attracting searchers.

URL Structure

The URL structure is a crucial part of on-page SEO. It is far better to use a search engine friendly URL structure than a complicated one. Improving the URL structure is a challenging aspect of on-page website optimization since the methods for fixing the issues highly depend on what tools are made available by the website’s back-end or back-office system.

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Internal linking

Placing links to pages within the website is very important for SEO. Internal links can be a useful tool in SEO arsenal since it doesn’t not only make it easier for the visitors to navigate around the website and find all the contents, but it also ensures the site gets properly crawled. Linking to pages within the website helps build relevancy of a page to relevant keywords, and helps increase Google page rank on the pages.

URL Structure

Search engines pay more attention to headings, so it’s critical to include keywords in titles and subheadings of the content, whenever possible. The <h1> tags generally give the content more search engine prominence than <h2> tags, and then follow the <h3> tags.

For website owners who are new to SEO world or do not have enough time to deal with the website optimisation, hiring an expert SEO company in Singapore would be a practical option. There are several firms offering SEO services and packages suitable for every online business at competitive prices. In fact, some of these companies can customise the service based on the needs and requirements.