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The iClick Media Guide To White Hat SEO Tiered Link Building

What’s Tiered Link Building?

SEO’s Tiered link building has been loved by black hat SEOs since ages. It’s basically the process of building multiple tiers of links to a target site. How does that work?

Suppose, you’re a black hat SEO who’s just trying to rank for a typical SME website. So, you’d build relatively high-quality links as the first tier. Like, hand-written articles on 10-20 sites which’d give you nice contextual backlinks to your own site.

So, to make those posts on your tier 1 more powerful, you point a few hundred tier 2 links at the tier 1’s. Then you point a few thousand links at your tier 2’s and it can go on, but I don’t see a need to using tier 4 and up in most cases.

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So, in short, all of these links make your tier 1’s powerful. So, effectively, your own site will get a much better boost from those tier 1 links.

A good thing about this technique is that when you receive a warning (if you spammed) or get penalized, you can always cut-off the supply by removing those tier 1 links.

Anyway, this post isn’t much about the black hat side of things. Now that you know about tiered link building, let’s see how you can use it for pure white hat purposes, like what iClick Media specialists in for all our SEO clients.

White Hat SEO Tiered Link Building

Tiered link building can be implemented in a completely white hat SEO campaign. Basically, the tier 1’s in this case would be your guest posts, forum posting, blog commenting, etc on other sites, and other important sites linking to your site.

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No, the next tiers won’t be made up of spammy sites. This is an interesting part of the process. For your tier 2’s, you should actually look for sites with lots of Domain Authority (better) or PageRank (inaccurate reflection of authority in many cases) sites.

You can either approach them to try to get a link, try broken link building (by suggesting them something from your own site to replace a broken link) or try to get a guest post published. They shouldn’t be that strict about accepting guest posts. Why? Probably because they’re badly in need of content or their overall performances are declining.

The next step would be to link to your tier 1’s. If it’s just a single link, you can directly link to a related guest post of yours. If it’s a guest post, you can utilize the much dreaded author bio area to link to your other posts or even your author profiles in other sites.

Suppose, you wrote a pretty awesome post for a top notch blog in your niche. Now, you write 4-5 posts to build some tier 2 links to either that post or your profile in that site. What this’ll do is dramatically boost the Page Authority of that great post of yours.

I’m interested to optimise my website but I don’t want to deal with all these complicated stuff.

That’s simple. Simply call us at +65 6362 0123 or email us at enquiry@iclickmedia.com.sg. Our friendly and passionate colleagues will be in touch with you shortly.