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6 Most Common Mistakes In Website Design for e-Commerce Sites

I'm sure you've seen some really amazing websites that did really well for their e-commerce business. However, there are those that fare extremely miserably at it. So what really is the difference between a good and a bad e-commerce website? What guidelines did the good and successful website implement and what mistakes did the bad websites do?

Let's examine it here in iClick Media's blog.

1. Slow loading time

Nothing is more irritating and annoying than a website that takes like forever to load. Although most internet users these days have high broadband/cable connection speed, a huge percentage of the internet users are still surfing the World Wide Web (WWW) via slower dial up internet access. We should not neglect those users as they are potential customers of your e-business. When you build your website, try to stay away from big glossy image file that takes up a huge file size. You do not need those unnecessary pixels for web because the user experience will be more important than how your website looks. In fact, with a reduced in file size, it does not affect the overall looks of your site.

Try to avoid using Adobe Flash animation or fancy movie files because of the long loading time too. And no, no catchy music. These days, many users are already plugged into their own MP3 songs running in the background, do you want to annoy them by running your own sound files?

What's important is that you have a website that delivery the necessary adequate information it promises at an instantaneous rate (if possible). For this reason, choose functionality over design.

2. A poor user experience (UI/UX) in navigation system

If your main navigation bar is too complicated or overly complexed, you'll really end up driving away alot of your visitors because they can't find what they want in like 3 seconds? In fact, many internet users are impatient people. If you can't get them what they want in mere seconds, they leave. Simple as that.

You don't want your visitors to get stuck in 1 page. You want them to explore your site, know more about your business and finally to checkout and pay you. Therefore, your pages should be interlinked in a logical and sensible way. This connection should be easily navigable through an intuitive interface that even a child can understand.

So, do place your navigation links at either the top of the page, or right below the header. Alternatively, place it at either side of the page in a vertical column. This is where your customer's eyes will be when they are exploring the pages of your website.

3. Low quality content.

Haven't you heard this before? Content is king on the internet. Repeat after me, Content, is King! Internet users log online to find information they need for their everyday life. Information is conveyed and transmitted via your website. If your content is poorly written, would people have the patience to browse through your website in detail? If the content is not unique, why should they choose your site over others?

In my opinion, there are 2 requirements for good quality content. Excellent presentation and originality. Without either of this, your website will be in jeopardy.

4. Poor choice of keywords to focus on.

Keywords drive traffic to your website. That is the reason why so many SEO companies have some form of search engine optimization writers in their company. Keywords are the key terms that users will search for when they're looking for information.

If you select the wrong keyword, visitors will be scarce. So do make sure you check and discover the right keywords even before you start building your website.

5. Cookie cutter websites.

Why should your customers choose your website over your competitors if there is a lack of originality? You should probably offer different content, different layout and make your website special!

If you cannot answer these questions positively, then your e-business is bound to be doomed from the start. Know what's worst? Search Engines like Google and Yahoo penalize duplicate content. If you copy content from others, your website will have a lower position in the search engine results page (SERPs).

6. Is your website focus rich?

Focus is key when we design your website. It is difficult for a website to focus on various unrelated topics. For example, why would visitors who are visiting a pets website be interested in a home plumbing industry website? There is totally no link between the 2 topics.

Instead, focus on giving your users the right relevant and related content. If you have a website on dogs, how about further enriching it by having more content on dog food, dog training, dog hostel and even dog costumes apparels?
The above 6 most common mistakes are things you should avoid. Your online business depends on how your website fares. Don't be afraid to create several websites under different domains. Try and test and see which 1 works for you. Take time to think about how you can properly build your website.

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