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10 reasons to commit to Social Media in 2011

For Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), have you thought about giving Social Media Marketing a try in 2011? Or have you already dabbled in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter already? Are you doing it on your own, or have you engaged and paid for a professional to do the job?

Here are 10 reasons from iClick Media on why you should use Social Media to achieve your business objectives.

  • More engagement. Every small/medium business (200 employees and below) owner understands the importance of word-of-mouth (or referral) for business. The best way to get people talking about your business is to start talking with people and social media provides the best online forum. How do you like the idea of talking to 500 potential customers every day? Add to the fact that they've already 'like' you. I can see you smiling and nodding. :)

  • More traffic. Attracting more traffic to your Website (homepage) is probably the first thing many small business owners think of when using social media to promote your site.

  • More ranking. More visits to your site from relevant connections via social media means
    ultimately higher ranking for your business on the search engines results page (SERPs) because visitors to your site are connections from social media who have already been drawn to your profile thanks to common interests/ideas. Thus they are more likely to find what they are looking for and more likely to link back to you from their related site sharing your content with their visitors.

  • More branding. Before social media, identifying your small business with a brand that would stick with you in your market and beyond could be incredibly expensive. Now you can build a brand easily and cheaply on a global scale simply by sharing relevant information for your niche via Facebook and Twitter.

  • More referrals. The real power of social media lies in its ability to help you build community and from this a source for referrals. People who follow you regularly and count you among their connections create a pool from which to draw.

  • More leads. More referrals result in more sales leads, one of the best reasons to maintain a social media presence. Share helpful tips related to your niche including articles, video and, of course, more about you and your businesses. Over time this activity generates interest from those interested in the products or services you market. Like being at a huge chamber of commerce mixer, social media is a way to generate those all-important leads that could turn into more business over time.

  • More networking. The connections you develop in social media lead to yet others including partners, suppliers or potentrial customers and clients you might not otherwise have met. This network, in turn, becomes an invaluable resource, one that you can draw from day-to-day as you speak to them through social media.

  • More opportunities. Without social media, your network remains limited and so do your opportunities. With social media, you can listen in on the news your social network is sharing in your industry 24/7…and learn of opportunities, markets and prospects you might never have even realized existed.

  • More customers. Customers are developed through long-term relationships and not chance encounters. Given this basic fact and the importance of relationship building to the customer recruiting process, the value of social media becomes clear.

  • More sales. All of this leads, of course, more sales, more money. In fact, there’s a lot of talk about having the right metrics for demonstrating the effectiveness of your social media campaign, but in the end whether or not you get more business is one of the best.

We hope you get a lot out of your social media strategy this year and we also hope iClick Media can be a part of that strategy this year. Happy New Year and have a bountiful 2011 with your Social Media Marketing!