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Which celebrity has the most number of fans on social media?

When we talk about celebrities and social media, the same name has always revolved around it. Yes. Lady Gaga. Earlier on this week, an unexpected star has actually went ahead in terms of number of fans on Facebook. We're talking about Eminem, the white rapper.

Eminem has put an end to Lady Gaga’s eight-month reign as the most-liked living person on Facebook.

Social media statistics service Famecount says that Eminem now has roughly 8,000 more fans than Lady Gaga, who until this week had a lead of only 1,000 over the white rapper. Now both stars are closing in on the 29 million fan mark, shy by over 100,000.

Eminem has been picking up more than half a million new fans a week, but apparently Rhianna’s Facebook fandom is growing faster, making her what Famecount calls the “one to watch.”

And when Twitter and YouTube factor into the rankings, Eminem comes in third after Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, respectively.

iClick Media readers, how do think the differences in social media rankings affect sales of these stars’ music and films? I'm telling you it does makes a huge difference. Imagine if you are Lady Gaga having a fan base of 28million. What does that imply? You can skip conventional mass marketing and use your fan base as the main source of marketing. It is free, fast and direct. Isn't that better than throwing millions around on tv or radio and not knowing the ROI? In fact, it probably takes about 1% of respondents and it could be well worth your effort. We haven't even talk about the viral aspects yet.

Let's take a look at this chart below that depicts 4 stars, namely Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Rihanna.

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