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What are SEO on-site and offsite factors?

SEO On-site optimization refers to the factors that you can control on your web site.

Below are some examples for your info:

  • The text on your web page.

  • The number of web pages on your website.

  • The number of keywords and related keywords on your web pages.

  • The links on your web pages to other pages of your site.

  • The links on your web pages to other websites.

  • The structure of your website.

  • The robots.txt of your site.

  • The HTML code of your web pages.

SEO Off-site optimization refers to the ranking factors that are usually out of your control. The most important off-site factor are the links to your web site:

Below are some examples for your info:

  • The number of backlinks that point to your website.

  • The quality of the backlinks that point to your website.

  • How often your website is mentioned on social media sites.

  • Search engines determine the position of your website in the search results based on the on-site and the off-site factors of your website.

So in your mind right now, you must be wondering, which is more important for my site to rank well on Google, Yahoo or Bing? Some webmasters invest most of their time on SEO on-site optimisation. Some others are very dogged in the sense that they only swear by links from other websites as the only way to get high ranking on the search engines results page (SERP).

Yin and Yang of SEO

Depending on the keywords for which you optimize for your website, you can get excellent results with either methods. However, in our opinion, the best way is still to combine both factors.

If you optimize the SEO on-site factors of your website, you make it very easy and possible for search engine spiders (robots) to crawl and index your website. The content of your web site should also contain the right elements and the right keywords in the right places so that search engines like Google know what your website is all about.

Links from other websites that contain your targeted keywords also show search engines that other people know your website is referring to a certain topic. If other people mention your website on social media sites, then search engines will know that real people like your website and that it is not just link spam.

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