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Internet Marketing Budget for 2011

There are many platforms where you can invest to reach out to your target customers. The Internet alone is thriving with lots and lots of niche platforms.

So, how can you know which platform is suitable for you?

iClick Media is glad to share with you the views by Brand Marketers, Agencies, Technologists & Others.

iClick Media - Digital Investment

Do you know that Brand Marketers place higher priority on their own websites (be it a portal or microsite) for online promotions and that Social Media Network - Facebook comes in a close second?

However, for Media Agencies or Advertising Agencies, they actually place higher emphasis on Facebook as compared to the website. 1 reason could be they can design the Facebook plugin and use that as an online front as compared to a website which primarily serves the function of disseminating information and not so much as an interactive platform.

Facebook ad spend is on the rise and will definitely see an increase this year, based on the fact that 80% of marketers wants to increase their online exposure this year. More importantly, 43% of marketing personnel wants to decrease their investment in traditional media such as TV, Radio, Directories and so on for 2011.

None of the above will surprise you. In fact, most of us in the marketing industry have saw that coming years ago.

Internet is big and will continue to grow even bigger. Facebook will ride with the tide.

If you want to know more about how you can utilise Social Media Marketing to reach out to your target audience, just send an email request to us and we'll be glad to discuss with you.

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