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Do SMEs need a website?

If you've clicked on to this blog article, you've probably assumed that's a rhetorical question to which the answer is a resounding "yes!"

It's not? It's something you really need to give it some thoughts.

Here's the thing. Many small businesses (SMEs) don't need a web site. Many small business websites don't deliver a real return. Yet we're told over and over again that in this day and age, every business needs to have a site.

The problem here isn't having websites, it's diving into this investment without really questioning it. You wouldn't buy office equipment or rent a new office for your business without careful consideration.

Many (probably most) businesses do need a site, especially if you sell through it directly. It's just about making that decision for the right reason, not just investing because everyone else is doing so.

Think genuinely and carefully about whether your business needs a website, or if you need to keep your existing website (hint: if you're embarrassed to hand out business cards because they have your site on them, or you haven't updated it in years, you probably don't!)

And if You do Really Need a Site?

So you've thought long and hard and decided that yes, your business absolutely couldn't continue to function without a website. You've decided that:
Your business benefits from having a website in a tangible, measurable way that than pays for the effort, expense, and time that goes into it, or that there is the potential there for it to do so. You operate in a niche where there is evidence that a quality website can drive sales or new business.

Now comes the really interesting, challenging part:
Go full out for your web site. Treat it like a key member of your team. It is like an invisible salesman selling for you 24hours a day! Treat it like you would a $10,000 machine you just bought, working day and night to give you a return on your investment. Treat it as if that life or death of your business depends on it (if you really need your site, it does).

I'm sure you've seen plenty of small SMEs websites that are obviously half-thought out, poorly maintained, and obviously don't work for their owners. You may even be guilty of owning one yourself. This is about not having that site.

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