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Can pdf files on the net be SEOed? Yes!

Quite some time back, the major search engines like Google and Yahoo used to index only the basic html pages.

However, when we build webpages now, the information are no longer static. Many webpages are linked to a database with ever changing content. PDF files are also becoming very popular amongst web users and the good things is that they are showing up in Search Engines Results Page (SERPs).

Many businesses have also taken a step forward to share more information about their products and services via a PDF file.  Now the question is, how can you optimise your PDF files for maximum visibility on the various search engines?

iClick Media would like to share with you that there are generally 6 tips to optimise your PDF files for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

6 tips to optimize your PDF files for SEO:

1) When you create your PDF, use a text based creator like Microsoft Word document, or the immensely popular Adobe Acrobat. Do not embed your information or data into a picture image such as jpeg, gif or png because the robots are unable to read that.

2) When you type in content into your website, make sure that there are sufficient links pointing back to your web site. In fact, do not just link it to the homepages. Feel free to link it into the inner pages.

The reason why we recommend that is the the web browsers can actually find information straightaway without having to "search" again in your website. The links also acts as a "backlink" for your website, thus improving the site authority in Google's eyes. :)

3) Make sure that in your PDF, the main keywords or keyphrases are used repeatedly in the article. Also, make sure that the anchor text are relevant keywords and not generic keywords such as "read more", or "Click here".

4) Name your pdf appropriately. For example, give it a document title. Ensure that author's info and copyright info are all available. In general, make it easy for humans and spiders (robots) to find you.

5) Link your PDF from your homepage! Spiders would have a hard time (or even not finding your pdf) finding your pdf if it is hidden layers deep into your site. Ensure that the robots can access to it via a link on the homepage. This is because the homepage is crawled more frequently by search spiders as compared to the inner pages.

6) Does your pdf have images? I'm sure. Make sure that the keyword titles are close to the images. All these helped the spiders in 'knowing' and 'recognising' your content.

If you would like to know more details, please send in your contacts and we will get in touch with you very soon. Contact iClick Media today!