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What do consumers want on Social Networking platforms?

What do consumers want on Social Networking platforms?

K S Tan has been a loyal Kit Kat fan for as long as he's remembered. When he saw the Kit Kat page on Facebook some time back, he felt compelled to comment and post on its wall.

"I eat Kit Kat very frequently. Very very frequently!"

Recently, Facebook has been getting alot of exposure and publicity, particularly in the Middle East. When it comes to Marketing, Facebook can definitely claim credit the putting the consumers and the advertisers together. They have manage to come up with a platform where consumers and businesses can interact and talk to each other easily.

Facebook is a clear winner when it comes to the goods: 41% of respondents said they want to receive communications from marketers on Facebook -- more than double any other digital platform. Twitter in comparison clocks in about 18%. In fact, one in three user said it was their "preferred" platform.

Getting a better deal via Facebook isn't the only reason why fans gather to like a business: 42% want better customer service, 28% sought games & entertainment and only 22% care about company's latest news. The online survey, conducted in mid-February 2011, asked 1,000 U.S. consumers about their digital-media habits.

Let's take a look:

iClick Media - Social Media Platforms and Consumer Desires

Nearly three-quarters of Facebook users have "liked" at least one brand on the platform and more than a third of users have liked six or more.

Why like a brand? Coupons. Plenty of coupons. "Oh my God, yes," said Mr Tan . "If started offering coupons, heck yeah I'm going to keep them around."

He isn't alone: nearly two-thirds of consumers in our survey said they want brands to offer them discounts online. In fact, the first reason they gave for liking a brand was "I hoped to receive discounts or other forms of monetary benefits" Other reasons included consumers following recommendations from friends: "I looked up the brand on Facebook and liked it," "I saw an ad for the brand that suggested I go the fan page," and "Suggestion from a friend on Facebook."

Coupons were also the main driver listed for users of location-based check-in services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and others. Nearly half of those who used those services said that was their main reason for joining. Some 40% said they use the services to keep track of friends or let friends know where they are and 15% are driven by the game-like aspects of earning rewards like Foursquare's badges.

Even so, these services have a long way to go before they hit the mainstream. In total, 30% of those who don't use them said it was because none of their friends do. Nearly 20% responded to the question with answers like "Don't know what it is" and "Never heard of them."

Not so with Facebook. There are 241 million residents aged 10 and older in the U.S. and 149 million Facebook accounts, which are only open to those 13 and older. When you consider that the latest Pew data shows 79% of adults have internet access, you start getting to a point where saying "Everyone who is online is on Facebook" isn't that far off.

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