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Is your Social Media campaign handled by your colleagues?

Is your Social Media campaign handled by your colleague? If it is, read on.

Many companies, especially the Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), tend to get their staff or even their friends to help out in their Social Media marketing. However, though I can understand they're trying to save a buck or two, what they do not know is that a mistake by their inexperienced staff or friend, could actually cost them way more in terms of reputational damage and the viral effect of it spreading amongst the marketplace.

In a poll done in the US by Symantec, it was discovered that any mismanagement of Social Media platforms could actually cost the company up to $4.8million dollars!

Some 28% of firms also indicated damage to their image or loss of customer trust due to social media mis-management totalled up to US$638,496 (S$767,925). More than a quarter coughed up $184,714 (S$222,157) due to loss of organisation, consumer or employee data.

"One in four firms lost US$619,360 (S$744,985) in revenue and 21% incurred US$641,993 (S$772,209) in direct financial cost due to social media misuse. The largest payout was spent on litigation costs, which was a hefty US$650,361 (S$782,196) for 15% of respondents while 16% reported reduced stock price at US$1,038,401 (S$1,248,896).

Some 94% of companies surveyed were facing "some sort of negative consequences" linked to social media, with most have had experienced on average nine incidents over the past year. They include damage to their reputations, loss of customer trust, data loss and lost revenue."

How much of it would you have saved if you have outsource it to agencies such as iClick Media?

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