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Which SEO company to choose?

There are many professional as well as freelance SEO companies/entitles/consultants that can convince you that they're the right one for you. But, how do you really know? How do you actually find the right SEO company to handle your Internet Marketing strategy?

The importance of search engine optimisation can hardly be underestimated in the over-saturated advertising environment of today's consumer mindset. Advertising statistics have shown that a potential customer must consciously register an ad at least 12 times before it registers with them - and this is increasingly difficult to do, as customers actively tune out advertisements and sales pitches. Hence, any business that has a new product or service not backed by millions of dollars in advertising budget has the need for professional help when it comes to marketing on the internet, the absolute place for finding new customers.

To find the best search engine optimization company, a business should ask the below questions:

1. What methods does the SEO company use to promote a business? There are no secrets when it comes to promoting a business online using white hat techniques. You are not paying a SEO company for its proprietary methods - all the methods for advertising a website are quite well known. You are paying the company to do all of the tedious work. So when you ask what techniques the SEO company uses, they should tell you in a straightforward manner. If they do not, then that probably means they are using illegal or at the very least short term black hat techniques that might get you a quick result, but it will not last. You may even be banned from the major search engines if they find out that you're spamming them and taking them for a ride. Your long term reputation and search engine ranking (SERPs) will also suffer.

2. Reputation. The right SEO company should have other clients, not the least of which should be itself. If you cannot find a SEO company on the internet, then how good do you think they really are? If they can't even promote themselves properly, do not expect them to do any better for you. Let your SEO consultant show you some succesful SEO projects that they've undertook. Ask them questions on how they did it, and what are the challenges they face. If possible, get your IT manager to sit in the meeting because they might ask some questions that you do not know exist.

3. References. Any good SEO company should be able to take you directly to clients that have a niche and be at the top of the list for their niche keyphrases. The great thing about such testimonial is that you can test them with just a simple Google search. See how good the SEO company is at locating niches for its clients through techniques like long-tail keywords by simply typing those keywords into Google.

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