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What To Look Out For SEO In 2016

A lot of changes have affected search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2015. These changes impacted the performance of various websites’ rankings in major search engines, such as Google. Online activities and digital presence across different platforms already become the norm so as to improve search result rankings and increase web visibility. However, these techniques alone cannot guarantee any business enterprise to stay on top and lead ahead the competitors. So, it is critical to stay up to date with the developments in SEO world.

Search Engine Optimisation Trends in 2016

Are you wondering what SEO trends you should watch out for in 2016? Here is a rundown to some trends that online businesses can expect this year.

Rise Of Video Content

Written content has long been regarded as the “standard” and the “king” by the vast majority of digital marketers. In fact, many brands still consider written content as a kind of baseline wherein they can integrate other mediums that serve as peripheral additions, such as images, videos and infographics. In 2016, video content is projected to overtake the written content in terms of return on investment (ROI) for business to consumer (B2C) industries and brands.

Visual Content will Impact SEO in 2016

A handful of latest technologies will emerge and the continuation of the previous year’s trends will shift, which will give way to video content outpacing written content in different aspects, including engagement, reach, efficacy and overall ROI. Several video apps can be downloaded to mobile devices for free, which has switched users’ interests toward visual content. Some of these video applications include Vine, Periscope and Snapchat. Moreover, Google is now experimenting with video ads in search results which can hugely impact the way we see our feeds.

Readily Indexed Social Content

Search for a news item using a keyword and you will likely see a bunch of tweets about it in your search results. This is the result of the deals that Google has with Facebook and Twitter. But it does not end there. More social media platforms are expected to be heavily indexed in the vaults available to major search engines, like Google, by 2016. Social media post will now carry a value similar to an independent page, which implies that businesses can use their social networks to further increase their web presence. This is why companies offering SEO services should watch out for this trend.

Mobile SEO is a Trend to Look Out for in 2016

Mobile Optimisation vs Desktop Optimisation

In the past few years, desktop has been a typical form of search; however, this trend has gradually shifted with the growing number of mobile users across the globe. In fact, mobile searches already surpassed desktop searches in the previous year, making mobile traffic more important to most businesses. Consequently, mobile optimisation will become more valuable than desktop optimisation, which is why it is critical to start optimising website for mobile devices.

In 2016, there are going to be a few notable landmark shifts in search that can substantially impact the rankings of websites. cssboxshadow.com The techniques you have performed in the past year may no longer be as effective as they used to be. Hence, online businesses should prepare for these changes in SEO trends to stay on top and ahead of competitors. Remember to always work with an SEO company that can keep up with the latest trends in SEO to ensure that you will never be left behind. Look for the SEO Consultants you can trust in Singapore!