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Should I outsource my SEO to an SEO Company from Overseas?

Should I outsource my SEO to an SEO Company from Overseas?

When looking for an SEO company, a company has many options. There are hundreds or even thousands of SEO companies out there (Be it a local company in Singapore or an overseas company in India, Malaysia or other countries). Each company has different strength and weaknesses and they're all different. You will need to find and select an SEO company that can best fit your requirements.

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When you decide to outsource your SEO work, you will need to make the decision to outsource it to a company that is either based in your country (ie. Singapore) or to outsource it to a foreign country. There are many views on what is the best option and we would like to share our thoughts with you.

Cons of Using an SEO firm based overseas:

Yes, price although considered to be in the “pros” section, however it’s also a con. Why? Well, the SEO industry is just like any other service and the phrase, “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys” is fitting. Quality long term SEO work requires an investment beyond the cheap rates offered by overseas SEO firms. Also, we would like to share real life examples of companies that faced the Google slap after outsourcing their SEO work to companies that are not Google/Yahoo Certified.

BMW Germany banned by Google

JC Penny penalised by Google

The overseas SEO company not be marketing-minded

The mentality of outsourcing your SEO stems back to the days of outsourcing IT and call centers to countries such as India, Philippines and etc. Initially, SEO fell under the same umbrella since it was primarily a technical function of your website. However, things have changed drastically over the last 3-4 years. In order to be good at SEO today, you need to be a good marketer and you need to understand content marketing and social media concepts as well. It is no longer just a straight forward thing to outsource SEO overseas.

Language barrier

Even if the foreign company that you outsource SEO to speaks English, it could be a slightly different variation. This could make it difficult to communicate and could result in textual content errors. Also, in terms of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing (also very crucial in SEO), the language and text used could be different. For example:

"Search engine optimisation" and "search engine optimization" are different terms because of the 's' and 'z' used. In Google's eyes, they are 2 completely different key phrases.

Time difference
When outsourcing your SEO overseas, it’s also very important to think of your SEO provider as a business partner. You will need to be in touch on a regular basis. With a time difference, it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to have monthly calls or to get in touch with an important question.


In general, when considering which SEO company to choose, there can be good and bad firms anywhere (not just in India, Philippines, etc). Wherever your SEO firm is located, be sure to spend some time researching their strategy. If the price or promised results seem too good to be true it probably is.

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