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SEO Site Audit

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO site audits are of paramount importance to any web masters or any one that wants their website to be properly crawled, indexed and ultimately ranked highly on Google or any other search engines.

SEO audit process involves investigating, analyzing and diagnosing a site's overall usability, the web architecture, and thereafter produces a well-vetted professional recommendations on how to improve the site. A good SEO audit process also allows us to benchmark the site's weaknesses, strengths and opportunities to improve, as well as to prioritise the work that is necessary in order for a site to get a desirable position in organic search rankings.

In short, SEO audits are very important.

No matter how experienced or how well verse you are in doing SEO, there are always new challenges ahead, new platforms to explore and new opportunities to be found.Due to its subjective nature, SEO thrives in a collaborative environment. Both client and agency has got to work hand-in-hand to produce desirable results.

On-Page SEO Features

1) Domains

Top level domains and multiple sub-domain levels.

2) Sections

Organizational hubs where categories are found.

3) Categories

Organizational reference points for pages and media

4) Pages

Web documents in the form of computer languages - xHTML, PHP, ASP, etc. and either static or dynamic. It could also be a combination of the above.

5) Media

Documents (including PDFs), videos, images, sound and etc.

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