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On Page Optimisation

There are over 200 different algorithms with varying degree of 'points' that search engines give. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are fiercely secretive about their algorithm because they do not want marketers to abuse them.

iClick Media is glad to share with you 4 major points with regards to On Page Optimisation.

Keyword Research

Choosing a good keyword is the key to success, that’s why keyword research is the most important. Proper research before deciding which keywords to use will determine whether your campaign is successful. Or not. There are plenty of free tools out there that can help you to do keyword research and Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of my favourite.

Firstly, it is a free tool designed by Google. Obviously its recommendation is skewed towards the searches that you will be getting and want to get in Google. Secondly, its result is one of the more reliable amongst the other free tool. Thirdly, its free! :)

Now think of some desired keywords target to use and look for recommended set of keywords that Google Keyword Tool generate and look for higher ‘Global Monthly Searches’ or 'Local Monthly Searches' (depending on who your target customers are) and check it with Google to see how competitive it is.

If you can’t find keyword to use and find them all too competitive, try to use Synonyms and Related Keywords and Long Tail Keywords.

Examples of Synonyms:

Dental | Dentist | Dental Surgeons | Doctor | Orthodontist

Examples of Related Keywords:

Clinic | Teeth Whitening | Straighten Teeth

Examples of Long Tail Keywords:

Florists Retail in Singapore
Plastic Manufacturer Singapore
Reliable Truck Dealers

Keyword Density

Density of keyword is important to educate the search engine that your page is indeed related and relevant to the keyword the user is searching. Note that you can't overuse the keyword. A small % of the total content is good and don’t be too repetitive because that may cause the search engine to think that you're spamming them. Some examples of keywords dentist that are too spammy.

red roses, buy red roses, cheap red roses, valentine roses, red roses for sale

Link Optimization

It is important to optimize your internal & external outbound links for search engines as well as to give your users a better navigation to your site.

Use ‘Anchor Text’ when using your keyword but again too much link is no good. Be reasonable. Make sure not all of the links are pointing to a single site (your home page). Point the links to your sub-pages. Diversity is the key.

Image Optimization

A good picture can catch your readers' eyes. That’s why it is very important that image is attractive and related to your article/blog post.

If readers sees the image, it is easy for us to describe what the image is all about. However, Search Engine spiders are robots and are unable to read images. They can only read text. That’s why ‘ALT Text’ or ‘Alternate Text’ are important. Besides naming your picture (iclick_media_logo.jpg), tell the search engine spiders that the name of that picture is called 'iClick_Media_Logo'. This is much better than naming it 'Image1144.jpg'. In that way, spiders would be able to crawl your image as well. This is fast becoming a very important factor in SEO but more of that later. :)

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