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Internet Marketing using Google Autocomplete

I'm sure most of you reading this blog here is a frequent user of Google search (who isn’t?).

Google Autocomplete

Have you noticed that Google likes to try and guess what it is that you are searching for with its autocomplete feature. According to Google these search suggestions or predicted queries “are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely algorithmic factors (including popularity of search terms) without human intervention. The autocomplete data is updated frequently to offer fresh and rising search queries”.

To most search users this is a cool feature that maybe saves them 0.03 seconds worth of typing every time that they search. But to internet marketers, Google’s autocomplete feature can be used for so much more.

The first way that Internet marketers can use autocomplete to their advantage is as a keyword research tool. The Google autocomplete algorithm “predicts and displays search queries based on other users’ search activities”. Isn’t that what keyword research is all about? Finding out how people search? For SEO purposes, it’s important to create content that matches the needs of target audience members. Start typing something related to your industry or field into Google as a “how to” or “tips” and see what pops up. After getting a few good suggestions, consult the Google keyword research tool to get actual search volume numbers. The autocomplete feature can help you brainstorm blog/article topics and post titles.

Another important part of an online marketing campaign (or any marketing campaign, for that matter) is competitive research. Use the autocomplete feature to find out how people are searching for your competition and to learn what your competition is up to. If one of the first things that is suggested for a competitor is “Company X event”- find out what kind of event they are attending or holding. Should you be doing the same?

In addition to scoping out the competition, you can use the autocomplete feature to scope out your own business. As hard as you may try, there is no way to control everything that is being said about your business or brand online. Autocomplete can be useful for online reputation management purposes. Be sure to Google yourself every once in awhile and see what is suggested. If you notice something like “Company X scam” or “Company X complaints” showing as a suggested search result, that’s a recipe for disaster. If you are seeing that, it means that your target audience members are seeing it too. It’s important to get to the bottom of the problem and do what you can to fix it ASAP.