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Impacted By Google Penguin 2.0? Take a look at our 3-Step Recovery Guidelines

Google's mission has always been to deliver accurate search results, to the Google users. Recently, in the combat against unethical SEO linking, Google has unveiled their latest weapon - the Penguin 2.0 update. This is considered to be one of the biggest SEO update by the Google webmasters since April 2012. Heavy fall in rankings of many websites were noticed. If your website is one of those affected, we can help you!

Below are 4 main key points about Penguin 2.0 that you must know.

  • Google SEO algorithm has been changed, pretty dramatically

  • Penguin 2.0 affects search queries in other languages (besides English)

  • Approximately 2.3% of all English US queries were affected (this is a huge number, considering the billions of search queries everyday!)

  • Many more future Penguin updates will surfaced

So if you feel that your site is affected by Penguin 2.0, do not worry, as iClick Media - the leading SEO company in Singapore, will be there to assist you to overcome it. We have formulated a 3 step approach to help you lowly regain back the dominant position you once were.

Step 1 - We will help you identify and remove spam links or low quality pages from your website (homepage + innerpages). Many business owner tend to want to include 100s of pages in their site. Not that it is no good, but keep in mind, are you providing quality content that your user wants to read? In fact, a very common mistake is that alot of web designers/developers tend to like to use the same Title, Meta Description & Keywords across all pages of the site.

We will help you to view through your entire site and check for any SEO guidelines that are not in place.

Step 2 - Your previous SEO vendor might have built alot of suspicious and spammy links pointing to you. All these have to be removed! We will perform an inbound link profile audit to identify the links which could be bringing down your rankings and causing your website to be affected by Penguin 2.0. After checking for these suspicious or unusual links, we will remove them. We will also disavow them using Google's Disavow tool.

Step 3 - After the above 2 steps are completed, we will help you to engage in a new inbound SEO link building campaign. Though these work, we want to help you prove to Google and Yahoo that your site is capable of ranking at the top and you are providing good content, and also, ultimately, a good service to your clients. For this, you may require some credible and trust worthy votes from third parties. These votes will appear in the form of inbound links from other website owners who have also earned the trust of Google. We will help you to analyse who these websites are and why they are doing well with Google.

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