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Google to look at deceptive black hat SEO technique

Be wary when a lurking SEO company comes out of the blue to offer you 'guaranteed placement' on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). They may be using black hat SEO techniques to boost your organic ranking. If you're caught by Google, your site may be blacklisted. In fact, no SEO company can guarantee you anything on the SERPs. The thing is, SERPs are supposed to be natural; organic. Google will not want anyone to manipulate the ranking. Remember, Google wants to give the user, the closest matched data ever.

Google will examine what it can do to prevent the technique of 'cloaking' in 2011, a practice that offers differing results to users and search engines..

According to Search Engine Land's Barry Schwartz, Mr Cutts announced on his Twitter page that the company would seek to address the issue in the first quarter of 2011.

Using the practice as part of an online marketing services strategy is against Google's webmaster guidelines and could lead to a site being removed from the firm's index, Mr Schwartz pointed out.

He added that it is difficult to tell exactly what Mr Cutts meant from his brief message, but cautioned any companies that currently use the technique they "may have to be on the look out".

Earlier on, Google also announced it had made changes to its algorithm to combat negative search engine optimisation techniques, following a New York Times report on a company that deliberately used bad publicity to boost its rankings on the site.

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