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Google: Only 2% Opt-Out of Instant

Only about 2 percent of users have opted out of using Google Instant, according to Ben Gomes, Instant lead engineer. Launched in September, Google Instant tries to predict what you're looking for and shows you results as you type.

Granted, a low opt-out rate doesn't mean everyone loves Instant. It could just mean people haven't bothered or tried to opt out.

Users now type 5 percent fewer characters, reach results 10 percent quicker than a tradition search, and see results 4 or 5 seconds quicker than by doing a traditional search, Gomes told Fast Company.

Sounds like Google may get rid of the option to opt out in the near future, as they reference how Google Suggest became the default option in 2008. Gomes also said Google plans to integrate Instant with the Google Toolbar and Chrome browser. - SearchEngineWatch