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Who are the Top 4 Internet Display Ad selling companies?

Facebook, the Social Marketing Company, will overtake Yahoo as the U.S.'s top seller of display advertisement on the Internet, according to eMarketer estimates released earlier.

The social network’s share of the $10.1 billion market for online display ads in the U.S. will double from 13.6 percent in 2010 to  21.6 percent this year, and go on to reach at least 23.8 percent in 2012. Yahoo will have 16.4 percent this year.

“What’s amazing is that Yahoo’s U.S. display ad revenues will and can still  deliver double-digit gains each year from 2010 through 2012. Not only will display revenues at Facebook surpass Yahoo this year, Google’s revenues will exceed Yahoo next year. What that leapfrogging trend confirms is the great and growing demand among brand marketers for online display ad placements,” said David Hallerman, principal analyst at eMarketer and author of the study released today.

iClick Media - Display Ad Revenue at the Top 4 Companies

With the top spot in the U.S. online display ad market in sight, reaching the number one ranking for global sales seems like the next summit — presumably, Facebook aspires to reach this height next. After that comes the superset of all online sales, which Google still dominates, as you can see in the chart below.

iClick Media readers, what do you think of the statistics from eMarketer? And when do you expect Facebook to catch up with Google’s dominance of the overall online advertising market?

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