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The Search Engine Marketing Company That Save You Money Through Quality Score Optimisation

When it comes to Google AdWords quality score or Yahoo! Search Marketing quality index, everybody knows from best practices that increasing this magic number not only boost your rankings, but it could lead to significant savings as well. But just how much savings would that be? And would it be worth dedicating your time, money and effort to increase it?

Ideally, you’ll want your keywords to have a quality score of 6 and higher, so anything with a score of 5 or below would be considered low. Find out what percentage of your keywords have a score of 6 or higher and which have a score of 5 or lower. Then, visualize this information in a pie chart where 6 or higher is “relevant” and 6 or lower is “irrelevant.”

Understanding whether your SEM campaign relevancy is important. But even greater is finding out how much your “irrelevance” is actually costing you. I absolutely love this chart from ClickEquations, where you can see the impact of quality score on your Cost Per Click:

Impact Of Quality Score on CPC

Do you know that whenever we take on a new SEM project for Google, Yahoo or Bing, we always realise that some of our competitors actually use Broad Match keywords for all the keywords? On paper to customers, this may seemed ok and normal because the clients are seeing positive Clicks and Impressions. However, little do the customers know that by using Broad Match, they are actually decreasing their Clickthrough Rate (CTR) and increasing their overall Cost!

If you look at the attached image, you wold have realised how important Quality Score is. It can either give you a discount of 30% or penalise your spending by up to 600%! Yes, that's right, 600%! A client can be paying $6 for his keywords while his competitors managed by iClick Media is only paying $1!

Besides saving you money, another important factor to consider is that by increasing the relevant keywords, the client will get more valued conversions throughout his campaign. This will greatly enhanced his SEM conversion and the likelihood of the client renewing his ad with us will be so much greater!

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