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Search Volume throughout the day: Tablet | Mobile | Desktop

Are you interested to know the search volume throughout the day via-a-vis 3 platforms - Tablet, Mobile and Desktop?

Google recently release new data that shows a huge increase in search via tablet during the evening time from 6pm to 10pm. This is not surprising data to us but since this data comes from a verified source (Google), it further reinforces the fact that people do use their iPads and iPhones/Blackberries/Smart phones during the evening time. Users could be sitting on the sofa after dinner, surfing the net while watching TV.

The below chart looks at the search volume by device throughout the entire day. Mobile devices/phones receives fairly steady usage that gradually pick up towards the evening.

Desktops are the main choice during working hours. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of adults are at work.

For tablets, the most interesting data is that the search volume spoke up in the evening. However, their usage is fairly limited during the day because users have other devices available.

So what does this means for advertisers? Consumers, especially the affluent ones, are using all these devices concurrently and throughout the day. They do not ignore any platforms entirely. They use the platform/device according to their lifestyle.

Search volume in the day