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Overhaul your PPC campaign for 2011

Yes, its that time of the year again, Christmas! Before you go on your deserved holidays, its good to spend a few minutes and think about how you can better manage your PPC campaign for 2011.

Below are some suggestions for you to overhaul your campaign in 10 days. Yes, its possible! 10 days. No kidding. :)

Day 1: Implement Sitelinks

Day 2: Add Product Extensions

Day 3: Set up Remarketing (a.k.a. retargeting)

Day 4: Target Display Ads Above the Fold

Day 5: Migrate to Modified Broad Match

Day 6: Test Click to Call

Day 7: Target Image Ads on Google Image Search

Day 8: Add Seller Ratings (Closed Beta)

Day 9: Launch Product Listing Ads (Closed Beta)

Day 10: Include Video Extensions

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