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Do you think results on SERPs are equal?

Do you think search results that you get on portal such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing is equal? The Search Engines Results Page or SERPs that is commonly known in the industry may not be that equal and "un-evil" after all.

With the merger of Yahoo! and Bing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) and website conversion experts have seen the big 3 search engines become a 2 horse race in 2010. Google and Bing are without doubt the dominant players. Although Yahoo still commands a fairly big market share in certain countries. Hey, we've not even covered Naver and Baidu yet? :)

Anyway, as Google has mentioned, their "competition is just 1 click away". Forrester research in 2008 also reported that end users like you and me are always in a permanent state of readiness to switch our search portals. This could be the reason why Google is doing so much to maintain their web traffic and to increase it through social platforms such as Google Buzz.

Just a few months back in July, Biz Stone mentioned at the Chirp conference that Twitter was handling 800 milion search queries every day. Twitter have also launched their paid advertising products based on real-time search trends, and this market changing potential of this development is undermined by Google's recent development of their Google Realtime algorithm.

Furthermore, Google and Bing's dominance of web search is now being heavily contested by Baidu, Naver and Yandex. These competitors have made moves towards internationalisation. Yandex offers an English index, whereas Baidu has even opened office in Silicon Valley! They can certainly provide a powerful and geniune threatto the status quo if they can play their cards well.

Search Marketing tactics in general will work because of implicit behavioural tendencies among users of search engines. Users like us focus on the top results. With this in mind, we want to know whether all results are created equal. Are there political or economical push factors behind the SERPs ranking? Do these new players have a strong chance to monetise and offer true business value to their customers and advertisers?

What we did?

3 Operating System - Linus, Apple, Microsoft

4 Web Browsers - Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome

Keyword phrase - "iphone 4"

All cookies was deleted. Browsers have no plug-ins installed. No history. After each search, all information was deleted and the process restarted from scratch.

Stay tune for more.. :)

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