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5 tips for your PPC Campaign

Are you managing your own PPC campaign? If you are, have you wondered why you're not getting the kind of results that your competitors are getting.

The truth is, many business owners are masters in their own fields. However, when it comes to Pay-per-click or PPC advertising, its best to leave it to the professionals.

Below are some tips that may help you to convert more customers. :)

Search Engine Marketing PPC Tip #1 – Dynamic Titles

Pay per click is one of the earliest accepted form of affiliate marketing that saw the light of day with the onset of the Internet. It’s fairly simple: You create an ad, placed it on Google, users searched for certain keywords, saw your ad, and they clicked and go to your website.

The crucial part is your titles. Dynamic titles it has to be. It has got to capture the user's attention, and at the same time, be compatible and relevant to your keywords, so as to increase your click through rate (CTR) and also your Quality Score (QC).

Search Engine Marketing PPC Tip #2 – Try not to use Broad Keywords

Keywords are very crucial in pay per click campaigns. You have to know exactly which keywords will land you good clients. Notice that I bold the word 'good'. Besides getting customers (which you definitely will from Google's PPC), you want good customers and good paymasters. You have to know what your clients use as keywords to search for what they want to find. What this means is getting into the head of your would be customers and knowing which words and phrases they are most likely to use to search.

Search Engine Marketing PPC Tip #3 – Test out Different Ads

When running your Pay per click campaign, one ad is not enough. It would be very much better to write three or four different ads so that you can test one against the other to see which works to bring you the best possible results. This way you will be able to do away with the ads that didn't convert as well and replace them with better ones. It would also be to your advantage to sign up with Google Analytics to track where your users are from, which keywords they searched for, what pages they're viewing and how long they stayed on your site. All these are important data to mine and will definitely help to measure your results.

Search Engine Marketing PPC Tip #4 – Track your ROI and Conversion

Tracking will help to see who is currently on your website and track visitor’s behaviour. A complete report based on the history of sessions, page usage, browser usage, OS usage can be generated via Google Analytics.

Besides using technology to track, your staff picking up the phone and the sales manager handling enquiries also have to give you input on your advertising campaign. It is not the job of the marketing person alone. It is the entire company's effort to make sure your advertising dollars are well spent.

Search Engine Marketing PPC Tip #5 – Stick to Your Budget

Responsible budgeting and money management are skills everyone needs to learn as is the discipline required to put these skills into action. Many people find it difficult to stick to a budget mainly because the budget they created is not realistic.

Regardless of the economic climate, it is important to know how to manage your finances and keep track of your advertisement spending. In order to do this, you need a budget that you can live with.

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