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Do you know that Bing is catching up on Google?

Do you know that Bing is catching up on Google in terms of Search Engine dominance?

Bing and Google Search Engine Dominance

Bing has taken 30% of the U.S. search market making Google extremely nervous. The 30% percent in March represents 15% from their main site Bing.com and the other 15% from Yahoo.

Back in August, Microsoft took over Yahoo’s search functionality. Google saw its lead decline, going from 67% percent to 65% percent. Google was at 71.59 percent at its apex but has lost ten percent.

If Google continues losing 2-3% per month – its current rate, and Bing continues to gaining 5-6%, Bing could overtake Google by 2012.

Though this set of numbers are primarily from the United States, many internet marketers and internet gurus actually believe that the usage of Bing+Yahoo! will definitely surpass Google, unless, Google's new Plus 1 actually succeeded in giving them the userability data that they so crave for. If Google's +1 can actually work, then I think it would really boost up their usage numbers and give them even more better results when users do a search.

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  • 2011-04-16 18:58:28
  • IT News