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SEO Site Audit

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO site audits are of paramount importance to any web masters or any one that wants their website to be properly crawled, indexed and ultimately ranked highly on Google or any other search engines. SEO audit process involves investigating, analyzing and diagnosing a site's overall usability, ...

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Overhaul your PPC campaign for 2011

Yes, its that time of the year again, Christmas! Before you go on your deserved holidays, its good to spend a few minutes and think about how you can better manage your PPC campaign for 2011. Below are some suggestions for you to overhaul your campaign in 10 days. Yes, its possible! 10 days. No kidding. :) Day 1: Implement ...

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How to optimise page speed for Google SEO?

Google has been telling everyone that page speed is an increasingly important aspect of websites. The Google Speed site - which has the goal of making all web browsing as fast as turning the pages of a book - has been featured in several posts on their Webmaster blog, and feature links to various free tools that they have m ...

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