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Google Analytics

In traditional media such as newspaper, magazine and TV, it is almost impossible to know how many people actually saw your ad, not to mention the number of people who interacted with your ad. In this time and age, business owners and marketers wants detailed accountability when it comes to advertising. Google Analytics Tool seek to achieve that.

Google Analytics is a user-friendly tool that tracks your website’s visitor when they visit your page. Proper customisation and installation of the codes, coupled with the correct interpretation of information derived from the Google Analytics report allows you as a business owner or marketer to make informed decision that may boost your Return On Investments (ROIs).

Analysis and Reporting

iClick Media will analyse the data given and compile a professional and detailed report so as to communicate the key findings. Customer behaviour, lead generation, sales patterns and user engagement & interactivity can now be measured and tracked, via Google Analytics.

Our client’s web traffic soared after his Internet Marketing campaign was launched.

How can Google Analytics help?

  • Know where your customers came from
  • How much time they spent on your site
  • Your best performing paid media
  • The keywords users keyed to find you
  • Mobile Devices and how you can reach out to this group of users

Be informed about the countries your customers are visiting you from.

Managing data is crucial in today’s business context. Call us today at 6362 0123 or email us at enquiry@iclickmedia.com.sg. We’ll be glad to discuss with you on how you can use Google Analytics to make informed decisions on your Internet Marketing campaign.

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