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Established since 2009, iClick Media is an ISO-Certified Digital Marketing Company in Singapore.that have achieved both the Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner status in Singapore.


As one of the market leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we have staff employed in 4 countries –  Singapore (HQ), Indonesia, Philippines and India. We are also the only digital marketing agency to be certified Great Place To Work 3 years in a row from 2021-2024.

We are also supportive of our NS-Men and their national service commitments. We’re NS Mark Gold winners (SME Category) from 2017-2024.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Copywriting Services
  • Photography & Videography Services

Over the past decade, iClick Media has designed and developed more than 1,000 websites! The website projects include HTML/CSS project, Content Management System (CMS) project & Web Applications.


Time is money. We will setup an appointment with you your project requirements within 1 business day! Call us now at 6362 0123!


It has been a decade since we initially setup our shop in a factory in the northern part of Singapore! We look forward to creating more wonderfully designed websites and bringing!

Core Values


the readiness and ability to lead, initiate the first step, take charge and do things without being asked or told what to do


the state of having a duty to complete the tasks assigned and get the job done


have absolute confidence in your colleagues’ abilities that they will support you as promised and vice-versa


timely & transparent exchange of information with internal and external stakeholders to achieve success together

Our mission

We empower businesses to achieve their goals through Digital Transformation.

Our VIsion

iClick Media aims to be the leading provider of Internet Marketing services by utilising Data Science, Analytics & Programmatic Technology.

We’re the iClickers
we love what we do

We have more than 30 iClickers working for you in Asia. We’re big enough to be resourceful and nimble enough in our response to you.

Terence Sim 160 x 160

Armed with 18 years experience in Traditional as well as Digital Media space, Terence oversees the transformation of digital advertising in today’s economic landscape.

Ben Chong 160 x 160

Serial entrepreneur with a deep-seated belief in using technology to solve today’s problem. Ben brings iClick Media to the forefront of Technology.

Cindy Chong 160 x 160
General Manager

Cindy ensures smooth operational readiness in the office and takes charge of our overall Business Development using her sharp business acumen.

Mui Hoon 160 x 160
Mui Hoon
Office Manager

Mui Hoon oversees our Human Capital & Talent division and takes care of our people’s Learning, Training & Development.

Why Choose us?

Time is of the essence. At iClick Media, we value speed in all things we do. We’ll ensure your project runs as quickly and efficiently as we do!

The magic in our potion – Our Patience. We understand not all customers understand the techy language and we will hold your hand every step of the way!

We marry the Art & Science of technology. We ensure that you have an aesthetically wonderful interface, with the full technology driving it.

Marketing is multi-faceted. We have a team of digital marketing professionals at your beck and call, guiding you to internet mastery and dominance!

Expanding Our Services: Over the years, we have expanded our range of services to meet the changing needs of our clients, including local SEO, mobile optimization, and social media marketing.

Building Strong Relationships: We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, working closely with them to understand their business goals and help them achieve sustained growth

Growing Our Team: As our business has grown, so has our team, and we are constantly seeking out new talent to ensure we can deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Adapting to Change: The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the industry

Expanding Our Reach: We have worked with businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries, and we are constantly expanding our reach to help even more businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

Experienced SEO Professionals: Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence through effective SEO strategies

Customised Solutions: We understand that every business is unique, and we take a customised approach to each project to ensure we deliver the best results possible for our clients.

Proven Results: Our team has a track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients, including improved search engine rankings, increased website traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Data-Driven Approach: We use the latest tools and technologies to gather and analyse data, allowing us to make informed decisions about our clients’ SEO strategies and achieve the best possible results.

Effective Communication: We believe in clear and transparent communication with our clients, keeping them informed about the progress of their projects and making sure they are involved in the decision-making process every step of the way.